Week 10: Assignments

Save The Sea Turtles


Attached is a powerpoint that I created for a video assignment about sea turtle conservation. The video is meant to be used as a commercial or screen saver for a tv in a hotel type of environment.

p.s. worth 3 stars

Favorite Moments in College 2019-2020

Thanks Corona for screwing up my favorite year in college so far. Now all I have left to remember it by is videos like these. I have way more than what is in this short clip but I figured only a minute would suffice.

p.s. worth 2 stars = 5 in total.

Highlight Reel

So I made a highlight reel of my brother playing basketball, but instead of just uploading it from Vimeo it was making me upgrade my membership and I didn’t want to pay $20 so I cheated and recorded it from my laptop on my phone. So the quality sucks, but here it is!

p.s. worth 2 stars. = 7 in total

Sports Greatest Moments

Redskins greatest football moments through the years.

Worth four stars so that’s a total of 10!

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