80’s Photography Reading Summary:

Photography in the 80’s was such a revolutionizing art form–especially in the music industry. Unlike today, you couldn’t just youtube or google a specific artist’s concert and watch it. Unless you were physically there, these photos were the only source of insight.

The biggest thing that stuck out to me looking at the photos from the Morrison Hotel Gallery collection was the amount of black and white photos. In my opinion this made these photos more realistic and intriguing. Something that I have noticed in my own photography is that unless done correctly, a black and white affect can ruin a photo. That was definitely not the case for these iconic moments captured.

Another strong aspect that all of these photos contain is the perspective. They give an in depth look into these star’s lives. Also the artistic perspective is interesting. Some of them don’t even seem like there was a person standing there taking the picture, but rather just a specific moment captured from the raw moment.

Overall, in my opinion, the moment is the most important part of photography in the 80’s –and even through to today’s photography. Capturing that moment is what photography is all about – especially in the music industry. These aspects are what make photography the ultimate form of storytelling.

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