Averaged Portrait (Dancer)

Since I usually kind of manipulate what the assignment is asking for I decided to make this not a portrait, but rather full body shots of a friend of mine dancing. Originally I was going to have each image on top of each other and create a circle effect, but it looks better aligned like this. I used my camera’s quick shutter style to capture every angle of this move and then selected each image individually. Once I aligned them evenly I just faded each layer until it was the full opacity on the right. If I had taken more time on this assignment I would’ve touched up some spots like in between her fingers, and her hair. (those spots are so difficult with the quick select tool). The elongation of her leg counteracted by the way her arm is going creates really great lines that make your eye move in a million different directions. This was overall really fun, and I am super excited that this week is the photoshop week because that is what I have the most experience with and what I like to do the most.

This assignment is my first for the week and is worth 3 stars.

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