Take a photo and make it abstract:

This is a photo that I took of succulents. I first added some hue and saturation and then used an angled paint brush to add the painted lines and used a blending layer to distress them and make them look more arbitrary.

Take a photo at a random angle:

This photo is of a wine glass set that we have. I found the way that the light reflected off of the glass was really cool and interesting at this angle.

Take a photo with interesting shadows:

This is a photo that I took at an antique store this weekend. These camels created a pretty interesting shadow that I thought was really beautiful.

Take a photo of an ordinary object, but make it interesting:

This photo is of a flower that we have in a vase in my apartment. Taking the photo at this angle still makes it obvious that it is still a flower but this angle enhanced the details of the flower itself which make it really interesting.

Take a photo of something of a single color:

This is a simple photo of my pillow, it was the only somewhat interesting thing I could find in my apartment that has one single color in it.

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