Splash the Radio City Color

This was a one of my favorite photos that I have taken. It is (obviously) Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The original has a strong blue tint so when I changed it to black and white I adjusted the blue setting to make the blue tints not as hard. From there I simply erased where I wanted color back on the black and white layer. The blue and red is kind of a signature for this location so I wanted to showcase both of those here.

This assignment is worth 4.5 stars which gives me 11 for the week.

5 thoughts on “Splash the Radio City Color

  1. This looks amazing! I love how accentuating certain colors can give this photo a completely different vibe. It gives off this almost contemplative and somber feel to it.

  2. This is great! I love NYC. This photo is ascetically pleasing, artsy, and sophisticated. I love how you honed in on the neons to add that pop of color. Now I want to go back and edit my photos from NYC!

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