Switch Up the Mood

Before photo:

After photo:

I think the main goal for this assignment was to make the photo look more ‘alive’, in other words less flat. This picture is of a valley and mountain that I took over the summer on my trip to Guatemala. This picture is very important for the livelyhood of the surrounding villages because in the bottom where it appears dry and like a dirty path was once a river that has since dried up.

To edit this photo I first started with some Hue/ Saturation. This makes the various shades of green and blue really pop. I then added a soft light blending layer (my ultimate go to layer) to enhance the deeper tones. Lastly I used the burn took to darken up the mountains to balance out the bright grass and trees below.

These three steps are essential to almost any picture that you are trying to enhance.

This assignment is worth 2 stars which gives me 13 stars for this week.

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