“A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” Response

“It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed-that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,” This quote to start out the article really open my mind to the fact that yes, everything we look at was once designed. The apple logo, a bumper sticker, to image on the cover or a text book to just name a few. Thinking further into that concept things that aren’t as physical are still being designed. The article discusses a little into how even “our governance and communication with objects” is meticulously designed in order to work. Things like this are so strongly implemented in order to work that if it were any different we would not know how to operate. For instance, if one day our country turned into a monarchy and we had a Queen/King our country would fall to pieces. Chip Kidd’s book cover displayed in the article is the perfect example of this. Psychologically, our mind knows that green means go and red is the universal sign for stop. His cover shows a red octagon with the word ‘GO’ on it. To us at first glance it does not make sense. Do you stop because it looks like a stop sign? or do you go because it blatantly says go?

Another quote from Kidd that stuck out to me was “Whether you realize it or not, most of the decisions you make, every day, are by design.” You decorate a room or apartment with things you like. Everybody has their own aesthetic or things they simple are attracted to design wise. Everything we see in our every day lives is designed by someone. You think of common logos- Coca Cola, Walmart, Amazon. Everybody knows these logos and it makes you wonder who designed these. If the Coke logo one day turned green with a straighter font would we even recognize it as Coke? – realistically probably not.

Outside of everyday objects, Graphic Design has expedited significantly over the last century since the term was defined 98 years ago but William Addison Dwiggins. It discusses how graphic design requires the mental, subconscious, and cerebral experience rather than the physical one. In my opinion you don’t need to be the best or most experienced artist or even designed to create something magnificent. Having that creative mindset is what matters. Kidd’s book seems to have lots of insightful information for people of all ages to get them interested or just aware of the design world because it is way more prominent than I ever thought.

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