Lyric Typography Poster

I chose this song because it is not only my favorite song, but gives also gives a really inspiring message. Seeing this song is such a moving moment which is why it means so much to me. I also decided to choose this song because it has a lot of visual elements to it which would be fun to make into a typographical poster. This assignment brought back lots of fun childhood memories because as a kid I would draw lyrics to songs all the time (mainly One Direction and Taylor Swift haha) but it was really cool to get creative with this. I used photoshop and the text tool for all of the font. The colors directly behind the words are just the outer glow effect and the boxes were the shape tool . The other images are clip art I found on the internet. Pairing what colors to use overall depended on the overall aesthetic that I wanted to use for the poster which was happiness and summertime which is what the song means to me. That explains why I used orange, blue, yellow, and purple. Overall, I think it is cute and appealing which is what I was going for.

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